Education and training

Our list of courses exists of a number of modules, which are designed to the various sales activities in the company.

In this way we are able to instruct your employees from the level of new sales person to the level of sales director, or instruct in activity divided groups i.e. sales directors, sales persons, co-ordinators, technicians and other employees with public relations:

  • Sale A-Z
  • Telephone sale
  • Additional sale
  • In-bound sale
  • Interview strategy
  • Presentation
  • Sales management



On the basis of your company's current situation and after a scrutiny of your needs, wishes and demands, we construct seminars that are designed to be held at your premises and at a time of your convenience.


We use innovative teaching methods and modern techniques, and our modules can be combined to your needs.

Any course or seminar can be held in English or Danish.

Also we are proud to say that we are lecturers at the danish Business Schools Niels Brock and Næsted Handelsakademi.